We are a couple of translators working in the five following language pairs:

  • CH > FR : translation from Chinese to French.
  • EN > FR : translation from English to French.
  • DE > FR : translation from German to French.
  • FR > DE : translation from French to German.
  • EN > DE : translation from English to German.

Alexis Brossollet is a French translator working in literary translation from Chinese and English into French, with more than a dozen titles since 2013. He has translated literary fiction, crime novels, traditional chinese comics as well as some non-fiction, and has authored several bilingual titles for students of Mandarin.


He also works in technical and general translation. His formation and his previous career as a Navy officer, engineer, and military-diplomat with long stints in embassies and in international relations postings give him a solid background in the following fields:

  • Technical, science and industry-related documents, up to a relatively high level;
  • International relations & diplomacy, geopolitics & strategy;
  • Defence & Navy, including Defence industry.

Uta Becker is a German-French translator, with a binational education in Art and Art History and a French national diploma as a trilingual museum and touristic interpret-guide. She has worked in galeries and museums, for the French government as a researcher, and for cultural associations. She is now a qualified guide for the cities of Wiesbaden and Mainz, and works as well for several museums and tour operators in Wiesbaden and Frankfurt.


Together, they have translated for translation agencies, businesses, publishers, associations and individuals. Each of them only translates into their native language (French and German respectively), but is able to check and verify the other's work (in the EN > FR, EN > FR, FR > DE and EN > DE pairs). Apart from the specialities listed above, they can work in the following fields:

  • General and non-specific translation;
  • Press, both offline and online;
  • Translation and localization of websites;
  • Travel & tourism;
  • Rock'n'Roll and alternative musics.